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Skye Scott

Skye Scott has released his HIGHLY ANTICIPATED debut album, Get Back!

Hollow Spirit Studios could not be more proud of Skye and this release. This work of love was a collaboration between Skye and his very close friend, Dom Scott (not related, lol), who was also arranger, producer and supervisor on this record.

Inspired by great classic rock n roll, soul, and early John Mayer guitar vibes, this album is sincere, groovy and absolutely amazing.

Check it out on Apple Music, Spotify, and right here at Hollow Spirit Studios!

Kitsch N Sync

Newsflash! Victoria Williams stars in a new web series, Kitsch ‘N Sync!

Presented by Hollow Spirit Studios and show runner Barry Anderson, Kitsch ‘N Sync is a short, hilarious, weekly romp through the mind of Victoria Williams. Victoria loves to talk and can talk about nothing. Literally. She finds all kinds of unique and crazy items in her house, talks about them, and then lip syncs with the items.

You don’t get it? Yeah – us neither. But you won’t be able to stop watching….

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Watch all the episodes here!

Kween Cover

Hollow Spirit Studios is extremely proud to announce our newest artist, Victoria Williams!

Victoria Williams is a legendary drag performer who has been tearing up the NYC nightlife scene. Victoria won MISS ROCKBAR in 2019 and hosts her weekly shows at the venue.

Victoria has jumped onto the Hollow Spirit train with a bang, covering our first drag artist, Miss Ginger, in an exciting lip sync rendition of her song, “Kween.”

Check it out below! And welcome Victoria Williams!

Peaches Shoot

Hollow Spirit Studios is proud to announce the release of Sugarmore’s 5th single, “Peaches.”

Peaches is a cover of Justin Bieber’s chart topping song, and marks yet another incredible collaboration with the world renown Cove City Sound Studios. Led by Richie Cannata, Cove City is today’s epicenter of pop music, the chosen studio for celebrity artists like Tori Kelly, Jon Bellion and Shawn Mendes.

Peaches is a further evolution of Sugarmore’s incredible sound; a funky, punchy track with all of the theatrics and incredible musicianship that you expect from Sugarmore. Peaches was mixed and mastered by Cove City’s lead engineer John Arbuckle, and features both Dom Scott and Richie Cannata.

Check out the song on Apple MusicSpotify, and right here at Hollow Spirit Studios!


Sugarmore is back!!

After a quarter million views over just 3 releases, Hollow Spirit Studios is proud to release the 4th song from Sugarmore. This song is a cover of Ariana Grande’s chart-topping hit, 7 Rings. As always, Sugarmore brings its’ unique rock/pop/fusion badassery to this highly celebrated track, but this time, IN COLOR! In addition, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this track was created entirely in quarantine, which made for a really cool and unique video.


Check out the song on Apple Music, Spotify, and right here at Hollow Spirit Studios!


Just in time for Halloween, our OG rapper Veyebs is releasing his newest single, Ghost.

Ghost marks Veyebs’ second release on Hollow Spirit Studios’ platform. It focuses on the mainstream social trend of “Ghosting”. This track was produced by Trace the Prophet and Daniel Bailey.

Listen to it on Apple Music, Spotify, and of course right here at Hollow Spirit Studios.