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Hollow Spirit Studios is proud to present The Weiner Sheikh Show!

Gregg Weiner (he’s the Jew) & his sidekick Imran Sheikh (he’s the Muslim) dive into today’s world with their unique brand of dark and satirical comedy. They laugh at themselves. They laugh at humanity. They laugh at citizens of Florida. Sometimes they get around to talking about sex, race, and other wildly off-topic things. Most of the time it’s just a toss up between curry recipes and perfect bagel smears.

As an added bonus, they’d like to heal you with sensual oils, advise you on how to screw up your life even more, and/or help you open that jar of peanut butter: call them at 302-RAW-DONG (302-729-3644). Operators are standing by.

This comedy podcast is produced by Hollow Spirit Studios in conjunction with Gregg Weiner Productions and supported by ZCast.

Available on iTunes, Google PlayZCast, and everywhere else!

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