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Get Brave Artwork

After a successful video launch, Get Brave is now available on all music platforms!

Featuring the incredible powerhouse vocals of Alexa Green and the uplifting and catchy artistry of writers Anderson & Petty, Get Brave is the remedy we need for these times.

Check out the song on Spotify and Apple Music! And don’t miss the video on Youtube where proceeds go to help the fight against Covid19!

Get Brave Video Cover

In order to help fight against the Covid19 pandemic, Hollow Spirit Studios releases a new music video entitled, GET BRAVE. This uplifting video – written by Anderson & Petty – features a plethora of people who have been affected by Covid19. Many of these people are broadway artists, new yorkers, and front line medical responders – who are all doing their part in trying to fight back. Some by staying home, others by helping to heal. We’re in this together and we will get out of this together.

Proceeds from this video go directly to support Partners In Health, an organization on the front lines of the Coronavirus fight.

Check out the video here!


Thank you to Soul Tracks and The House That Soul Built for including us in their BEST OF 2019 review!!

“evokes the mellow grooves and melodies of Al Jarreau. Nygel D. Robinson sings with muscular and honeyed vocals, supported by Nicole Del Mar.” – THTSB

“The optimistic, jazz-immersed groove, featuring the dulcet tones of Nicole Del Mar, achieves two goals at once: a musical launchpad for that next amnesty attempt and a first-row seat to Nygel Robinson’s potential and poise.” – Soul Tracks

Check out One More Chance at Hollow Spirit Studios!


After many years of being in a band together and crushing beers, Andy, Daniel, and Morgan moved to separate states, but the dream of creating music together lived on.  Cursed to a life drawn apart, the boys were not discouraged and decided to collaborate from lands far away. By recording their parts individually and sending files back and forth over the internet, the group produced the club smash banger ‘Mercury Love’. Under the moniker Moon Trees, the group define a sound that is “not half bad” according to a few dudes holding PBR’s and bobbing their heads.

Check out Mercury Love on all music streaming platforms!


Hollow Spirit Studios is excited to announce Sugarmore’s 3rd song – a pop fusion cover of Charlie Puth’s Attention – once again featuring the insane sax sounds of Richie Cannata and pyrotechnic vocals of Dom Scott.

Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios by master engineer John Arbuckle, Attention displays some of the sickest musicianship on the internet.

Listen to the song on Apple Music and Spotify – or better yet – watch them live on youtube and right here at Hollow Spirit Studios!


Hollow Spirit Studios is proud to announce the sophomore release from Sugarmore – Finesse.

Sugarmore’s follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Thriller is a masterful pop fusion recreation of Bruno Mars’ Grammy Award Winning “Best Song” of 2018With the addition of legendary sax player Richie Cannata (of Billy Joel fame), Sugarmore continues to shape their sound and push the boundaries of music. This rendition is catchy, “pop-y”, and will leave you in awe of how incredible these musicians are.

Listen to the song on Apple Music and Spotify – or better yet – watch them live on youtube and right here at Hollow Spirit Studios!


Hollow Spirit Studios is super excited to announce the release of our official music video for “One More Chance” featuring Nygel D. Robinson and Nicole Del Mar.

This track, written by Hollow Spirit Studios’ Barry Anderson, has made it’s way to several radio stations all the way in London and has already been reviewed by several US music journals.

Catch the vibe here!