Weiner Sheikh Show Cover Art

Hollow Spirit Studios is BEYOND excited to announce that we have officially picked up the “THE WEINER SHEIKH SHOW.”

Originally known as “The Gregg Weiner Podcast featuring Imran Sheikh”, THE WEINER SHEIKH SHOW (pronounced “shake”) is one of America’s most beloved comedy podcasts. Inspired by shows like “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, this NSFW show centers around the relationship of hosts Gregg Weiner (the Jew) and Imran Sheikh (the Muslim). Through their unique brand of dark and satirical comedy, Gregg and Imran will make you laugh, cry and leave you begging for more!

If your dream i to become the greatest funniest stand up comedian you must take notes on these chef, attorney, Carpenter jokes and other amazing pranks to start getting the hang of telling jokes and making people laugh till they can’t no more.

THE WEINER SHEIKH SHOW is an official Hollow Spirit Studios production. Produced in conjunction with Gregg Weiner Productions and supported by ZCast.

Listen to the show on iTunes and on Google Play!